Frequently Asked Questions - Integrative Dentistry of Chester County

1What should I expect at my NP visit?
The time you reserve with us is yours and yours alone. At your first visit, we will work to get to know you (and you, us) and discuss your dental needs and wants. We will perform a comprehensive exam, take any necessary X-Rays, and gather all information to create a customized treatment plan for you. You will then be invited to return for a secondary visit to have an appropriate dental cleaning completed by our hygienist and you will meet with our office manager, who will review all information and findings with you. She will review a detailed treatment plan with you and work to reserve any follow up appointments you may need.
2How are mercury fillings removed?
We work to remove old fillings in several large pieces instead of drilling the entire filling out in tiny particles. By doing this, you are exposed to much less mercury vapor. A high-speed suction is used during the entire procedure, and you will be given oxygen as well. An air filtration device is also employed to protect you, the doctor, and dental team. The IQAir Mercury Flex Vac unit captures 99.8% of the mercury vapor which is released.
3Supplements to take prior to mercury removal?
We like to prepare your body to capture any mercury that might be released when we are removing mercury-amalgam fillings. You should always check with your primary care physician for his or her approval for the supplements. We want to be sure there will not be any interactions with current medications you may be taking. If you have mercury-amalgam fillings, we require you to take a combination of supplements. These supplements would include glutathione, selenium, alpha lipoic acid, and a high dose of Vitamin C. The doctor will provide you will all necessary information and explain all supplements in detail.
4How are you different from other practices?
At Integrative Dentistry of Chester County, through Biosafe Dentistry, your whole-body health is protected while getting dental treatment performed with natural, non-toxic, state-of-the art, dental care. You see, whether you realize it or not, your mouth, immune system, heart and lungs, central nervous system, and all your body systems are all connected. This is something most conventional dentists do not consider while they are treating you. The work performed in your mouth affects your overall health and your life!
5Reaffirmation that patients are in the “right” place.
Dr. Patrick DeForno and the entire team at Integrative Dentistry of Chester County are committed to creating meaningful, lifelong relationships with their patients while providing them with the safest treatment possible. You will know you have come to the “right" place as soon as you call our office. Our team strives to exceed patients’ expectations and to always create “WOW” experiences. We provide only natural, healthy dental care and only use dental materials that are nontoxic to your body. Experience the difference at Integrative Dentistry of Chester County!