Patients and dentists alike are at risk of exposure to toxic levels of mercury every time an amalgam (mercury dental filling of silver color) is removed from a tooth. A full 50% of dental fillings are mercury and when drilled out the vapor is highly concentrated with toxic gas. Mercury is a potent neurotoxin and is absorbed quickly into fat, liver, and spleen. If these levels are not removed from the body, they can pass the blood-brain barrier and deposit in the brain. Mercury toxicity can cause confusion, tremors, weakened immune system (making one more susceptible to infection and allergies), and memory loss. It can lead to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The gas released from the filling is immediately absorbed by the patient and dentist by inhalation. If they are relatively healthy and their genetic profile allows detoxification and excretion of heavy metals, they may only feel ill for a short time. However, individuals with more sensitive systems or those with longer exposure to mercury vapor will become ill with weakness and flu-like symptoms in many cases. Removal of mercury from the body is a long and difficult procedure.

PREVENTION IS THE KEY!! Removal of mercury fillings without evaluation of the patient’s health can be dangerous. Simply drilling out the fillings without air cleaners, inhalation of oxygen, and oral chelating supplements can make one ill. Dr. Robbins takes special precautions during removal of these fillings to help avoid health complications.

Air in the dental office and around the tooth being drilled can exhibit high mercury levels, sometimes exceeding OSHA maximum guidelines by ten times or more. SMARTAir Solutions was begun by Dr. Robbins to clean up dental office air with IQAir® high-efficiency air cleaners specifically designed to remove mercury vapor. We can supply any dental office with these Dental Pro air cleaners for general filtration of office air and for specific use at chairside to capture the mercury vapor as it is produced at the tooth. IQAir® is a Swiss based company with independent clean air research studies to support their claims of high filtration efficiency (something other companies do not have).


This line of IQAir® units are designed to clean particulates from the air at a more extreme level. Used in hospital operating suites, burn units and cancer wards as examples, and in pharmaceutical clean rooms, these units are still portable and can be moved as needed. Doctor’s offices and hospital common public areas and waiting rooms are more protected from disease transmission and respiratory distress with certain models of IQAir cleaners.


We also provide a full line of IQAir® home air cleaners to remove airborne particulates and bacteria and viruses from the air. These high efficiency air cleaners are medical grade and reduce breathing difficulties from allergies, asthma, smoke, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Each unit has 3 separate filters including a very fine HEPA filter. This filter removes reactive particles in the air greater than 0.3 microns, which is most bacteria, smoke and viruses!). This microscopic filtration is more than most other HEPA-type cleaners and will clean air longer and with less maintenance than ionic air cleaners!! The HealthPro Plus was the only air cleaner used to protect hospital workers from the deadly SARS respiratory epidemic in Hong Kong.

One HealthPro Plus unit will filter the air in an average 13 foot by 13 foot room 5 TIMES at a fan speed of only 4! After initial filtration, we recommend one unit for every 900 square feet, at a setting of 3 as a maintenance level.

The unit has a quiet centrifugal fan, and indicators to tell you when a particular filter needs replacing. They are especially effective in bedrooms for children and adults with breathing difficulties. With continuous filtration, less dust and particles accumulate, which means less cleaning of room surfaces is needed.