It can be very stressful going to a new dentist. Many patients may feel a loyalty towards their past dentist; they may feel like a traitor changing to a new dentist. In many cases their old dentist may have been like a friend or even someone they socialized with. These feelings are normal. What you must accept is that this is your health. Decisions you make must be the best changes for improving your health, regardless of personal emotions.

At Dr.Robbins office we try to make the transition simple and comfortable for you. We welcome your telephone call and answer any questions you have about our practice. We try to gather as much information as possible during that first call so your first visit is not as stressful. There is plenty of parking available and you will be greeted by our friendly staff in our bright and cheery office. Hot and cold beverages are available in the waiting room, although usually we are right on time with your appointment.

But what should you expect as a first time patient?

Your initial appointment allows you to meet Dr. Robbins immediately. He will sit down with you and earnestly listen to all the concerns you might have about your overall health and any medical problems. You will discuss your dental health and history, and any special concerns you have about anything in your mouth that does not feel right. Dr. Robbins will briefly review any nutritional supplements you are taking and may offer suggestions. Our practice is designed to help improve your health in many ways, not just your teeth.

Your head, neck and mouth will be examined to rule out cancers, tumors, and other pathologies. The current state of your mouth and teeth will be recorded. Additional records may be taken, including intra-oral images (pictures) of your teeth and gums, impressions of your teeth, and any x-rays, necessary. The doctor will explain some of the BIOSAFEDENTISTRY factors that pertain to your condition and what may appear as problems on this first examination. Discussion about toxic materials may be part of this discussion, with emphasis on toxic mercury, fluoride, or other non-biocompatible materials that may involve your condition.

All new patients are tested with our portable mercury atomic spectrometer to measure their intra-oral mercury vapor levels. They are all given an office form with their individual readings reported and comparison figures to government allowed levels. Websites are listed for those interested in knowing what the numbers mean.

Before you leave, Dr. Robbins will ask if you have further questions. You will be given an appointment for a scaling and polishing appointment with our hygienist for your next visit. Should it be determined that you may need dental treatment of problems in your mouth, additional time is allotted after the hygienist completes her polishing to sit down and discuss your dental needs. Our office manager, Nina Marciniszyn, will also discuss the appointments you will need, the fees, and any insurance questions you might have.