Located in Exton, PA, BioSafeDentistry is a total method of treating patients developed by Dr. Donald Robbins(Retired), because his patients were asking for a safer, healthier and less painful way to have their dental work done.We have combined the best of holistic (alternative), biological and conventional dentistry to give you...

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Air Filtration - IQAir

Air Filtration - IQAir®

Our IQAir® filtration units are on at all time in our office so you can feel safe that we are greatly reducing aerosol levels, bacteria colonies, and airborne viral particles to almost zero. We have specially designed units in our treatment rooms with attachments that can filter these harmful particles and pathogens before they have a chance to spread.

The IQAir® HealthPro Plus was the only air cleaner used to protect hospital workers from the deadly SARS respiratory epidemic in Hong Kong.



Ozone has the ability to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. All of the water used in our treatment rooms is infused with ozone. Not only does this ozone water eliminate biofilm in the water lines, it also eliminates pathogens during treatment.

How are these holistic dental procedures

Any different than conventional dental treatment?

No toxic materials or chemicals are used.

No dangerous metals, like mercury or nickel or beryllium, are used for restoring your teeth (except 100% titanium implants). NOT ALL implants are titanium!

We have no fluoride, fluoride treatments or fluoride products in the office. Fluoride is not used for children or adults during their scaling and cleaning. No toxic cements or old type of metal crowns are used; only white bonded safe materials are used.

I remove the old, toxic, leaking metals from your teeth WHILE PROTECTING YOU from the released metal vapor.

Your overall health is protected with nutritional supplementation. “State of the art” high-efficiency air cleaners are used to remove the harmful mercury vapors released when your old mercury fillings are removed!


If you're looking for a holistic Dentist in Chester County, PA who recognizes the connection between your oral health and your overall wellness, then this will be the most important message you will ever read!

You see, I know your oral health plays a huge role in your overall wellness. I also believe your dentist plays a key role as your primary health care provider this is why I created healthy dental care through BioSafeDentistry.