In the early 1980’s, Dr Robbins noticed that many children he examined during normal dental checkups had white or brown mottled stains and spots on their front teeth. Since that time, he stopped recommending oral fluoride supplements for all children. It is now know that the permanent staining of these teeth, called DENTAL FLUOROSIS, was due to damage from ingested fluoride. Fluoride swallowed by young children actually damages the protective coating of the enamel covering teeth and leaves them more susceptible to decay and bacterial buildup.

The magic anti-cavity fighter fluoride does not exist!! It does not prevent tooth decay or strengthen tooth structure as we have been told for decades. Fluoride has a very poor bactericidal action (cannot kill bacteria). It is bacteria that eats the sugar causing acid production on your tooth…decalcification and tooth decay follow. So using fluoride in toothpaste or in swallowed water does not prevent cavities!

The incidence in this country of osteopenia (low bone mass) and osteoporosis (low bone mass and weakened bone strength) among older individuals is of epidemic proportions. The percentage of people needing hip and joint transplants is occurring in younger and younger people. Fluoride is one cause of weakened bones because it ties up calcium in the body. This fluoride-bound calcium is no longer available for normal use by your body—uses such as maintaining bone density and strength, nerve conduction, muscle function and heart contraction. There is no evidence to support the recommendation that water fluoridation will reduce dental decay in adults. To the contrary, there are now studies and data that verify there is NO DIFFERENCE IN DECAY RATES BETWEEN DRINKING FLUORIDATED AND NON-FLUORIDATED WATER.


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