"What you don't know about your health can kill you."

Truer words were never spoken when it comes to dental healthcare. THE TOXIC DENTAL OFFICE reveals the dangers not made readily available to the thousands of dental patients being treated every day. And, keep this in mind: most dentists are not aware of the medical and scientific risks they take by recommending and using certain materials and therapies while caring for their patients. But how do you protect yourself and from what? Referring to sound scientific evidence, made easily readable by the author, you learn about health hazards you are exposed to during even simple dental treatment. For the first time, you learn what you can do to protect the health of you and your family from these unseen dangers. You will learn when to say "No!" to recommended treatments and the use of specific metals that may make you ill, shorten your life, decrease the quality of your life or potentially cause death.

THIS IS A HOW-TO-GET-GOOD-DENTAL-CARE MANUAL. Dr. Robbins reveals what you must know to stay safe and healthy. He explains (and shows you in actual photos) the pitfalls and signals to look for in a dental practice.

  • How to find a good, safe dental practice
  • What materials are being used in your mouth that can damage or injure your health
  • Which procedures will cost you more money than necessary over the years
  • What to expect from a dental practice which protects your entire health, not just your teeth
  • When to change to a different dentist
  • What products and materials have the potential to permanently harm or kill a child
  • What procedures are toxic to a baby when a women is pregnant or nursing

THE TOXIC DENTAL OFFICE is an easy and captivating read filled with the author's personal experiences, including actual patient cases, and with his personal perspective of the last 50 years of dental care and dental mis-care in this country.

At the time when cities and states are considering or passing laws to make sure that you know about your options in dental care, THE TOXIC DENTAL OFFICE provides you with a roadmap to make informed decisions about your options. Dr. Robbins is an advocate for patient protection and for patients being given informed consent for dental procedures.