For over twenty-five years, Dr .Robbins(Retired) has practiced mercury-free, fluoride-free, and toxic metal-free family dentistry. He emphasized preventative care and restorative and cosmetic procedures in a clean, healthy, and safe manner (BIOSAFEDENTISTRY). We do not allow toxic mercury and other metals to be used for oral restoration. The “silver” fillings in people’s teeth are actually amalgam fillings, an alloy containing 50% elemental mercury! Research has continuously demonstrated the release of mercury vapor, a potent neurotoxin, from dental amalgam fillings. This “off-gassing” of mercury into the body from fillings in one’s teeth is constant and increases with chewing, hot beverages, and eating. Deciding to have one’s mercury fillings removed is a decision each patient must make, however, removal of these fillings without precautions can make patients ill from methyl mercury exposure. Fluoride use is another dangerous chemical we do not allow in our office. We believe your overall health is as important as your dental health.

What Do We Do To Protect The Patient?

  • All patients are tested for oral mercury vapor with a portable spectrometer.
  • High efficiency medical grade air cleaners are used to filter mercury vapor and volatile organic compounds out of the office environment.
  • We treat many medically compromised, chemically, and environmentally sensitive patients in a clean, non-allergic office.
  • Blood testing and metal sensitivity workups are ordered with consulting physicians.
  • Nutritional support is discussed and a doctor of biochemistry/nutrition is available for consultations.
  • Use of vitamins and supplements is necessary to help the body excrete any absorbed metals during mercury filling removal. He uses his own proprietary ProTect PakA&B to keep patients from absorbing mercury vapor. (go to to order these supplements).
  • Oral and Intravenous chelation therapy is coordinated with knowledgeable physicians to reduce the patient’s metal body burden.
  • All fluoride use is discontinued. Alternative fluoride-free toothpaste which fights tooth decay is available.
  • Use of any metals in the practice, such as under porcelain crowns is prohibited.
Dr. DeForno's restorative practice has evolved into patient high tech cosmetic and oral reconstruction (rebuilding a patient’s teeth and bite with crowns, fillings, porcelain restorations, etc.).
  1. We use a computerized dental charting system including an intra-oral camera. This camera allows the patient to actually view on a monitor their own oral condition and to better understand the therapies recommended by the doctor and the dental hygienist to treat their problems.
  2. No restorative treatment is performed until periodontal health is stabilized. Periodontal health is accomplished through deep scaling and root planing with therapeutic agents and irrigation. NO INJECTION PAINLESS anesthesia is now used.
  3. Early periodontal pocketing is non-surgically treated with Arrestin®, Atridox®, and oral antibiotics (such as Periostat®) when needed. Continuous dental checkups and regular patient recalls and reevaluation maintain health. Periodontal surgery for root lengthening and gingival grafting is performed if needed.
  4. Digital radiographs (X-rays) are used instead of the old “emulsion film” x-rays from years ago. These new digital radiographs use less than 1/3 to 1/6 the radiation needed with the old dental films. These digital radiographs can be sent to any location via email should the need arise (ex: patient moves out of state).
  5. We only use 100% titanium dental implants or 100% porcelain implants to replace missing teeth. MOST DENTAL IMPLANTS ARE AN ALLOY CONTAINING ALUMINUM!! The patient is usually unaware they are getting an alloy with other metals implanted in their mouth.
    We DO NOT USE METAL IMPLANT CROWNS to restore the missing teeth. For over twelve years we have been using porcelain materials to restore these teeth; no metal!
  6. ALL OUR CROWNS and partial crowns are 100% porcelain. We do not use metals or alloys of metals to restore teeth when they have decay too large to use a bonded filling. These porcelain crowns last as long as metal ones without the metal toxicity or typical re-decay under the metal crown.

Porcelain inlay bonds tooth together and acts like and actual tooth structure

To help in the evaluation for a more attractive smile with whitening in the office or with porcelain veneers, we use a digital cameral and the latest version of imaging software. This software allows the patient to view a simulation of the proposed dental treatment. Patients are able to see on a monitor what modern dentistry can do for them, both for improving their appearance and for allowing them to chew more effectively.

We use no toxic metals in fillings or other restorations. Porcelain onlays and crowns are placed for more effective bonding strength and cosmetics. When indicated, implants are used to replace missing teeth. Patients have confidence in our office and know we will not recommend or perform a procedure unless it is the best treatment for their condition.

Porcelain laminate veneers lighten, strengthen, and reshape teeth

All endodontic (root canal) treatment is performed in this office, usually completed in one painless visit. Subsequent re-infection of the treated tooth (as can happen with some root canal methods) is not a common occurrence with our methods. Contents of the root canal sealer are biocompatible with the body. As a member of the American Endodontic Society, Dr. Robbins has consistently had endodontic treatment success for years.