The need for qualified dental auxiliary personnel has been growing steadily over the past ten years. Busy dental offices have little time to train a new employee with no dental or medical knowledge. Consequently, for the first few years a new dental assistant would have difficulty getting a job and being paid a good salary until she learned dentistry and her job duties.

The 4 Learning Group, LLC, offers educational materials for teaching a dental assisting course. An extensive lecture series, presented in electronic format (PowerPoint), is available. It is subdivided into numerous sections representing different facets of a dental practice (e.g. anatomy, infection control, instrument identification, etc.). Specialty dental care have their own sections to familiarize the students with other types of dental assisting besides general practice.

A full dental assisting program is available and includes proposed schedules, lecture and course guidelines and goals, lecture notes, examinations, and practicum for experience with actual equipment. Periodic updates are made and easily incorporated due to the electronic format of the course. If your school or college would like to offer a dental assistant training program, please contact Dr. Kathleen Boyle for more information.

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